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Whatever your journey is, there is always space for relief, recovery, healing, growth.

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After accidents, injuries or shocks, our body readjusts to function despite the issue. What we don’t realise, is that the compensation becomes a habit, and our bodies carry years and years of events that brought to wrong postures, misalignment and other issues that can be physical, mental and emotional.

The Bowen Therapy – or Bowen Technique – is a series of moves that involve muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, that send a message to the nervous system and reignite the body’s ability to react, recover its balance and heal. The body responds as a whole, heals as a whole.

What will happen during my session?

You will be laying on a massage table, sitting or standing up, depending on your physical condition and the chosen procedures.
The moves work better on bare skin, so it would be ideal if you came to your appointment wearing loose tank top and shorts. For your comfort and relaxation, you will be covered with light blankets the whole time.
After the treatment, you will be asked to drink plenty of water, walk often and pay attention to any changes in your body and posture. You might be advised to see a doctor, a herbalist or other specialists.


It’s important to know what to expect: Bowen therapy is not a massage. It’s a stress-relieving therapy involving gentle but deliberate moves that send messages to the nervous system, and lead the body to adjust on its own terms.

Not everyone is inclined to or suitable for harsh manipulation like chiropractic and massage. Bowen therapy is so delicate that it’s suitable for clients of all ages, no matter their health conditions, and works on both acute and chronic health issues.
You will feel Bowen therapy at all levels: in the body, mind, mood, recovery, posture, mindset and personal growth.

What is is good for?

Stress and emotional build-up

Grief, trauma, stress can have long-term repercussions our posture, choices and approach to life. Bowen addresses those stored emotions that influence our present, becoming an ally in case of insomnia, deep-rooted sadness and difficulty to emerge. After a Bowen treatment, the client usually feels profoundly relaxed, uplifted, restored.

Sports and injuries

Bowen may be used to support the recovery from new and old injuries, strains and inflammation, encouraging the body prevent or correct harmful postural habits. With Bowen, the aim is to promote stronger structure, better performance, and better recovery.

Physical concerns

Bowen therapy can be used in case of common but painful conditions like sciatica, backache, neck pain, tennis elbow.
The gentle moves of Bowen can bring great benefits in case of chronic pain and relieve the build-up of physical pain behind it.

Surgery and illness

Thanks to the improved body circulation, Bowen therapy is a great choice in preparation for surgery, post-surgical adhesions, aches and recovery. It is suitable for anyone who needs physical and lymphatic strength in case of chemotherapy or heavy medications.

Gynaecologic and urological issues

Menstrual issues including fibroids and endometriosis, reproductivity issues for both male and female, Prostate issues. Fertility and conception.

Babies and children

There are specific, delicate protocols for babies and toddlers. The most common are the procedures that aim to give relief from colic and neck restrictions


The benefits of Bowen therapy are praised all over the world, but that is not why I chose to be a Bowen therapist.
Here are my reasons.

The first: I am a chronic illness patient who used to live in constant pain for years and is now mostly asymptomatic,
and the credit goes all to Bowen Therapy
(and changes to my diet… the only painful part!)
The second: Bowen is a physical therapy that has incredibly beneficial repercussions on the mind. It’s so common for a Bowen patient to become ready for big changes, and I love it.

I am also a Reiki Seichem Master and an Australian Bush Flower Remedies™ certified practitioner, and I offer these services to those clients who are interested in a holistic approach.